30 Day Photo Challenge (Day 1)…

Day 01 – A picture of yourself with ten facts

  1. I don’t think I look good in pictures which is why I’m behind the camera. Although I look pretty good in dim lighting if you’ve been drinking!
  2. I once played piano at Carnegie Hall.
  3. I have very little patience for stupidity. Ok, truthfully I have very little patience period.
  4. I am very open and try to live as honestly as I can. Both with myself and to everyone I am connected to.
  5. I already know that this will almost definitely take me longer than 30 days.
  6. I am ambitious and always feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do!  That’s also why I multi-task my ass off and suffer from insomnia. I will not have unlived veins in this life.
  7. I have an incredible sense of humor that’s more twisted than most. Laughter is one of the most important things we should never deny ourselves.
  8. I can’t sing. I mean I REALLY REALLY can’t sing, which is a shame since I loooooove music so much and fervently wish I could! 😦
  9. I have not seen Wicked. I know, big ole friend of Dorothy that I am you’d think I’d be upfront in my bedazzled vest! It’s a mistake I promise to rectify!!
  10. I have learned through my photography (and life in general) the true meaning of beauty! It’s larger than most people ever credit.
  11. I overuse exclamation points frequently!!!!
  12. I don’t regret anything I’ve  ever done. My past is what has made me the man I am today.
  13. I don’t deal well with limitations. I can’t even stick to a list of 10!

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