30 Day Photo (Day 5)…

Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory

So, a favorite memory is actually pretty hard to shoot since you’re usually experiencing the moment! 😀

Still here are a few pictures I took one morning in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. This is a place that I stay at semi-regularly and always enjoy myself. The beach early in the morning is quiet and so relaxing.  I have never had a bad experience here yet. I’ve always been able to let go and relax. It could be that’s what vacation is all about though right? No one to bother you (well hardly anyway!), no schedules to keep, no deadlines to meet. You can even spend a lot less time texting and using the phone (or try anyway)!

Just a little sunlight, a few drinks, good food and pure relaxation. Ahhhh….maybe I need to book a flight again soon!

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